"Bluveda is focused on holistic wellbeing, working with traditional healing and health promoting methods"

Craig Clark
Founder of Bluveda


Growing up surrounded by the natural beauty of Cornwall, I’ve always had a deep connection to the earth and its elements. This inherent relationship is fundamental to my wellbeing and approach to life.

My path has led me on a journey of discovery and growth through the transformative benefits of Yoga. Taking these practices into my daily life I began to deepen my understanding of Ayurveda and how this natural healing system can bring balance and good health.

From these teachings I became a certified Yoga Teacher of Hatha, Vinyasa, and Yin.

The teachings of Hatha show us how to be present with the breath. Vinyasa guides us to synchronise breath with movement through flow, and Yin provides a quiet contemplative practice.

Beyond yoga I am a certified massage therapist offering Ayurvedic Yoga Massage and Swedish/holistic massage treatments, along with being a Tibetan Singing Bowl practitioner and Rahanni Celestial Healer.

Working with the healing benefits of holistic therapies and Ayurveda I offer a range of wellness candles handcrafted to balance our dominant dosha and bring harmony to our wellbeing.

From this passion Bluveda was born to provide others the opportunity to cultivate self-discovery through a variety of complementary therapies and my deification in guiding others on their own healing path.

Nestled at the base of Lewesdon Hill between Bridport and Beaminster, with views over the rolling countryside towards Dorset, Devon and Somerset, Bluveda studio offers a calm and tranquil space for personal growth and self-discovery. Here I provide small classes, workshops, one-on-one yoga sessions along with private treatments and guidance tailored to you.Each client is welcomed with water infused with herbs grown on the property, followed by a consultation about what brings you, and the treatment I can provide.

Running two classes a week in Bridport at The Glow Collective I aim to bring the transformative benefits of yoga to the community. Additionally my work has taken me onto collaborate with retreats and wellness events across the UK and Europe, where I continue to connect and grow with fellow wellness enthusiasts.

Craig Clark,
Founder of Bluveda

  • BSY Accredited
    Hatha Yoga teacher
    40 hour Yin Yoga teacher training
    BSY advanced Hatha teacher training
    Hot pod yoga teacher training
    Ayurvedic Yoga Massage levels 1 - 4
    Certified advanced Crystal Healing
    Rahanni Celestial healing level 1
    Rahaani Teacher level 2